Business contracts, negotiations

„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“  in practice usually advises on issues related to the conclusion, execution and termination of business contracts, prepares and audits, as well as organizes negotiations on adjustment  of terms and conditions of business contracts, and signing of contracts.

„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“  has prepared special information for Clients regarding the options of cooperation in the field of business law. For information, please contact us by phone specified in the section "Contacts" or email us at


The most common types of contracts are:

Purchase - sale contract (consumer, wholesale, energy, real estate, enterprises, purchase-sale, etc.),

Construction contract (consumer, construction, design and exploration works),

Lease contract (consumer, vehicles, buildings, residential premises, structures or facilities, enterprises, land);

Carriage contract (road transport),

Cargo forwarding contract

Contract for the provision of remunerated services (advertising, marketing, financial, audit, consulting, etc.),

Distribution contract,

Franchise contract,

Joint venture contract, 

Commercial representation contract,

Share Purchase and Sale Agreement,

Business sales, lease contracts,

Contracts defining labor relations (labor, material liability, confidentiality, collective, etc.).

„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“ also organizes and conducts business seminars: "Business Contracts and Disputes" and other topics.

Lawyers professionals in the field of business contracts: Giedrė Kačinskienė, Vytautas Dargis.