Business disputes with a foreign element

„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“ membership in International Association of Law Firms „E-Iure“ ensures Customer representation in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Denmark, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the Greatr Britain and in other countries. In solving international business disputes, we employ trusted lawyers from the relevant country who provide a professional and operational solution to the issue in international legal business disputes.

„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“ also represents the interests of foreign Clients (Latvia, Germany, France, Estonia, etc.) in Lithuania:

prepares international trade, service provision and other contracts,

evaluates solvency and reliability of Lithuanian and foreign companies, provides reports,

carries out pre-judicial and judicial debt collection in Lithuania and abroad

prepares procedural documents,

represents in courts and in relations with other institutions in all areas of practice..

Lawyers professionals: Giedrė Kačinskienė (English language), Domas Gružauskas (English language).