Public procurement law

„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“ has prepared special information for Clients regarding the options of cooperation in the field of public procurement law. For information, please contact us by phone specified in the section "Contacts" or email us at

Taking into account the practical experience in conducting seminars and working on public procurement cases and the main problems encountered by contracting organizations and suppliers in this area, the law partnership „STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“ is working on the following issues in the field of public procurement:

advises on the procedures for the execution of public procurement,  preparation of tender procedures,

helps to prepare documents for public procurement tenders,

prepares requests, claims and answers on actions and / or decisions of contracting authorities,

prepares procedural documents and represents in disputes concerning decisions of contracting authorities,

represents contracting authorities in relations with suppliers and other institutions,

audits / prepares, adapts internal documents,

organizes seminars and trainings for contracting authorities and suppliers on problematic public procurement issues, changes in the legal framework, etc.

Lawyers professionals in the field of public procurement: Giedrė Kačinskienė, Domas Gružauskas, Vytautas Dargis.