Debt collection in Lithuania and foreign countries

„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“ strives to resolve disputes peacefully and to minimize costs suffered by the Client both in time and in financial terms. For this reason, the Client is advised primarily on debt prevention issues.

"STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners" has prepared special information for Clients regarding the options of cooperation in the field of business law. For information, please contact us by phone specified in the section "Contacts" or email us at

The lawyers, after evaluating the documents proving the debt, and checking the financial situation of the debtor, determine which legal actions and measures are necessary for the collection of the debt.

Debt collection and prevention services:

creditworthiness reports, analysis of legal entities both in Lithuania and abroad,

monitoring reports (information on changes in client or debtor companies),

preparation of procedural documents (claim, counterclaim, court order, claim, etc.),

preparation of other documents with legal significance (bill of exchange, debt statement, payment schedule, etc.),

Client representation in negotiations, preparation of strategy and additional documents,

pre-judicial debt collection,

judicial debt collection.

Lawyers professionals: Giedrė Kačinskienė, Domas Gružauskas.