Bankruptcy law

In the bankruptcy process „STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“ lawyers represent creditors, bankruptcy administrators and other persons. Very often there are cases where the interests of the creditor and the insolvency administrator are represented in the insolvency proceedings in order to determine whether the former head of the company, the shareholder and / or other persons acted in good faith, whether there are any losing transactions to a bankrupt company, to identify such persons and to ensure compensation for the damage suffered by the creditors.

The most common services:

initiation and conduct of bankruptcy proceedings,

representation of the Client's (creditor‘s or babkruptcy administrator‘s) interests in the bankruptcy process (bankruptcy administrator decisions, activity reports, creditor meetings, creditor committees, etc.),

advising bankruptcy administrators on all issues relevant to their activities, participation in creditors' meetings, etc.,

preparation of various procedural documents and representation in court on transactions contesting,  personal civil liability of the manager, etc.

representation in pre-judicial investigation and other institutions.

Lawyers professionals in the field of bankruptcy law: Vytautas Dargis, Domas Gružauskas, Kęstutis Marčiulynas.