Who we are ?


STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners is a law partnership whose main goal is to become a Client‘s business partner, strategist and to ensure successful business development. Our team cares about the Client and his needs therefore, working with business companies; the main attention is focused on innovative, operational and business-oriented, economic logic-based solutions.


Main Clients of STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners are Lithuanian and foreign companies therefore, lawyers work and specialize exclusively in the field of business law disputes and their prevention, which includes consultations, preparation and audit of contracts, dispute settlement in the field of companies, construction, public procurement, transport, insurance, trade, lease, labour, bankruptcy, taxes, etc.


„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“  directly provides high-quality legal services to businesses in foreign countries, as we have reliable partners in the countries of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Denmark, France, Italy, the Check Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, therefore, if the Clientencounters problem or wants to manage a risk with a foreign element, there is no problem with a reliable partner. The Law partnership „STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“  is a national representative at the International Association of Law Firms „E-Iure“.



Guaranteed professionalism - We specialize and work specifically in the field of business law, the members of the partnership team constantly improve  their qualification in the field of business law, provide trainings, seminars, articles for business representatives, participate in business events and associations.

Guaranteed responsiveness - you receive an answer to any question or request within 1 business day at the latest, works are done within pre-agreed terms and conditions.

Guaranteed simplicity and efficiency – you can communicate with your lawyer directly and immediately with one contact person on all matters, and reach him at a time convenient to you and promptly.

Guaranteed feedback and clarity - Depending on the business specifics, the answers you need and the oral advice you receive here and now, loyal clients are advised free of charge immediately, if necessary, you receive written reports on pre-agreed and completed works.

Ensured legal service payment system satisfying the Client -  Client can choose the convenient method of payment for legal services  - (1) the pre-fixed price of the service; (2) payment for services after the provision of the service in accordance with lawyer's work hours; (3) an individual, pre-agreed payment method.


„STRATEGUM  Dargis & Partners“ team consists of professional advocates, lawyers, project managers. A business-oriented approach ensures for our Clients professionalism, fastness, reliability and feedback.


Vytautas Dargis

A managing partner of the Law Partnership, attorney. Phone: +370 698 30686 You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. Albert Einstein.
Advocate Vytautas Dargis has more than 11 years experience in representing clients in the field of bankruptcy, restructuring, insurance, construction, commercial transactions, public procurement, transport, competition law. Vytautas Dargis received legal education at Vilnius University (in 2008 acquired a Bachelor's and Master's degree). Through his legal practice, V. Dargis represents one of the largest Lithuanian and foreign companies in the construction, transport and trade sectors in matters arising from their activities, in disputes with other companies. Phone

Giedrė Kačinskienė

Senior lawyer of the Law Partnership. Phone: +370 653 91927
Giedrė Kačinskienė has more than 9 years of experience in the field of business law, specializes in field preparation of commercial transactions, negotiations, business disputes prevention and resolution, construction, public procurement, trade and labor law. Giedrė Kačinskienė received legal education at Vytautas Magnus University (Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration and Political Science, Bachelor's and Master's Degree in law, International Law Certificate of the University of Michigan). Giedrė Kačinskienė conducts seminars, conferences on business law issues, is an arbitrator at the Construction Industry Arbitration Court.

Kęstutis Marčiulynas

Senior lawyer of the Law Partnership. Non vitae sed scholae discimus. Seneca
Kęstutis Marčiulynas has been working in the field of business law for more than 12 years, the main areas of his specialization are finance (corporate, credit institutions), administrative (tax) and bankruptcy law. Kęstutis Marčiulynas has obtainec Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Vytautas Magnus University, holds the International Law Certificate of the University of Michigan. Kęstutis Marčiulynas specializes in bankruptcy, finance, tax, administrative and family law, in other fields of law.

Justas Kačinskas

Finance Manager of the Law Partnership. Phone: +370 657 89809 Do not raise a voice in the dispute, better strengthen your arguments. Justas Kačinskas
Justas Kačinskas is a finance and development manager who has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree in the Eastern Region Politics, Economics and Culture (Vytautas Magnus University). He is also seeking graduate degrees in finance, accounting and strategic management at Kaunas University of Technology. Justas Kačinskas works in the field of business management, develops and implements business risk management, sales, business development strategies, which ensures our Clients not only legal, but also business-oriented solutions.

Domas Gružauskas

Advocate Assistant. Phone: +370 657 54827 Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right. Henry Ford
A lawyer who has obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Vytautas Magnus University and holds the International Law Certificate of the University of Michigan. Specializes in logistics law, construction law, public procurement law, bankruptcy law.

Rima Jaruševičiūtė

Project Manager Phone: +370 657 71647 If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Maya Angelou.
A Project Manager, having a Bachelor‘s degree in law, works in the field of sales, marketing, personnel, administration and debt recovery. Rima specializes in the field of corporate creditworthiness assessment, debt prevention, advises on business risk management issues, and is committed to maintaining customer loyalty.

Gabrielė Jančaitytė

Lawyer of the Law Partnership. Phone: +370 653 91902 The success of the great work depends on the small details. T. Livius
Gabrielė Jančaitytė received a Bachelor's and Master's degree at Mykolas Romeris University. Gabrielė specializes in the field of civil law, labor and criminal law (financial crime).

Skaidrius Navickis

Lawyer of the Law Partnership. Phone: +370 616 48868 The foundation of wisdom is patience. Plato
Skaidrius Navickis has obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Vytautas Magnus University. Skaidrius Navickis works in the field of business law , his major fields of specialization is finance, tax, and administrative law, protection of personal data. Skaidrius Navickis is also interested in specialization in bankruptcy and transport law.

Tomas Musteikis

Legal Assistant Phone: +370 657 67979 Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill
Tomas Musteikis has obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Vytautas Magnus University. Tomas specializes in transport law. Is also interested in tax law, logistics law, construction law, consumer disputes.

Linas Ilčiukas

Legal Assistant Phone: +370 630 70416 Victory loves hard work. Catullus
Linas Ilčiukas has obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Vytautas Magnus University. Linas specializes in construction law. Is also interested field of trade, corporate, debt management.
Employees are a company's greatest asset. A strong team is a force that overcomes any challenges. We constantly learn and share experiences, participate in the activities of the Lithuanian Business Confederation, conduct seminars and conferences.
We care about our Clients, therefore our priority is efficiency and feedback. We provide high quality legal services and business oriented solutions. We strive to achieve maximum Customer satisfaction with both quality of services, constant attention and effective work.
While individual initiative and creativity is always encouraged, temwork ensures the best results for the Client and the law partnership. Effective solutions in the modern world of business can often be found only in close cooperation between professionals from different fields.
We cooperate with lawyers, bankruptcy and restructuring administrators, court experts, auditors, bailiffs and notaries from other countries, therefore we can offer our clients the highest quality services in the European, American and Eastern countries.