„STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners“ in practice usually advises on issues related to the conclusion, execution and termination of business contracts, prepares and audits, as well as organizes negotiations on adjustment of terms and conditions of business contracts, and signing of contracts.

One of the main group of „STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners“ Clients are businesses working in construction sector. Our field of practice with such businesses consists of preparation of construction contracts, disputes regarding the acceptance of construction results, contract deadlines, payments, contract termination, damages, fines and etc.

"STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners" provides services and legal consultations on public procurement. The scope of provided services consists of: consultations for public sector on organizing public procurement, preparation of tender documentation, representation in disputes regarding decisions of authorities and tenders, and etc.

„STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners“ represents the interests of employees and the employer in concluding employment-related contracts and in drafting internal legal acts (rules of procedure, job descriptions and other individual documents), resolves disputes concerning the conclusion, termination, non-competition, damage, confidentiality and / other related issues.

Most of the disputes arising in the transport area regarding fines, losses, insurance, material liability of employees, performance of contracts are resolved in a pre-judicial manner (oriented to variants of problem-solving useful to the Client) and apply to court only in case of failure to resolve disputes in a pre-judicial manner.

„STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners“ specializes in legal field of insurance. Services provided consists of legal advice on which the type of insurance should be chosen by the company, the choice of the insurance company in the specific situation, terms of the insurance contracts. Clients are also represented in disputes on insurance claims.

„STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners“ provides Clients with professional solutions in setting up, restructuring and organizing the company's business, having experience in solving various issues of corporate governance, including, but not limited to, relationships between managers and shareholders, responsibility in creating strategic management of the company. Lawyers participate and prepare various business transactions: mergers, acquisitions and joint venture, equity investments, changes in control, etc.

In the bankruptcy process „STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners“ lawyers represent creditors, bankruptcy administrators and other persons. Very often there are cases where the interests of the creditor and the insolvency administrator are represented in the insolvency proceedings in order to determine whether the former head of the company, the shareholder and / or other persons acted in good faith, whether there are any losing transactions to a bankrupt company, to identify such persons and to ensure compensation for the damage suffered by the creditors.

"STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners" strives to resolve disputes peacefully and to minimize costs suffered by the Client both in time and in financial terms. For this reason, the Client is advised primarily on debt prevention issues.

"STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners" specializes and works with business Clients who need representatives in coordinating and solving problems with credit institutions (banks), investors or private persons, as well as advises on tax law issues, relations with state institutions.

"STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners" membership in International Association of Law Firms „E-Iure“ ensures Customer representation in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Denmark, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the Greatr Britain and in other countries. In solving international business disputes, we employ trusted lawyers from the relevant country who provide a professional and operational solution to the issue in international legal business disputes.

Taking into account the practical experience, main problems for the Clients, and the most frequently encountered disputes "STRATEGUM Dargis & Partners" conducts seminars, conferences, individual trainings on business law topics: labor law, construction, public procurement, business contracting and other business law areas.


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